We guarantee

Nothing gets out without a test

Every line of code we write goes through a meticulous testing process. With in-house QA testers who carefully try to break apps before they get released, we can vouch for all the projects we deploy.

Each SaaS we test goes through:

Gentlab testing image
  • Test automation

    First step, we let the machines out. Using dedicated algorithms, they perform a series of tests to quickly detect issues that might arise during daily use.

  • Functional testing

    In this phase, we focus on the specifications of the software component under test. The target is to ensure a proper output, this is why we define test cases and carefully perform automated and manual tests.

  • Manual testing

    The last phase requires a human touch, because some things cannot be automated. One tester will take the role of an end user and manually check for problems. This is a very efficient way to detect UX inconsistencies and change them accordingly.

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