We use Agile because this software development philosophy provides greater flexibility and more control. This way, you and your company always know where a project stands, how difficult turn out to be and how much time you need to wait until something is deployed.


Through this project management methodology we are trying to provide a mix between flexibility, control and transparency while producing a quality outcome (guaranteed by the possibility of adapting to every requirements change).

Creating sprints

We break down each project into phases in order to organize them into sprints. The length of the sprints is based on the complexity of each project. A sprint always delivers on a promise or a feature. By breaking down the initial development plan into detailed and actionable steps for you and us to understand, analyze and discuss.

Getting to work

Time is at the essence and if you want to have an impact on the market, you have to come up with a product as early as possible. Therefore, once we have the project skeleton, we start the development phase.

Meetings and feedback

The initial development plan is discussed daily between team members in order to ensure progress. The client can and will attend meetings, for each sprint, in order to draw a more detailed plan and to discuss each feature.


Deadline is of utmost importance. If the length of a sprint has been underestimated, the features that were not implemented are going into the backlog. To be processed in parallel with upcoming sprints. We always deliver on schedule.

Testing and Support

After the product has been launched, we provide each client with a standard warranty of 1 year (for bug fixing). Additional maintenance as well as technical support can be discussed separately.

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