To begin with...

You and your company have to know where a project stands, the difficulty and how much time it will take for something to be deployed. This is why we use Agile, a software development philosophy that provides greater flexibility and control.

Our methodology mix

Have we ever told you how much we love mixes? One that adds value to your business it’s provided through this project management methodology. It is a mix between flexibility, control and transparency while producing a quality outcome.

So serious that we have to break it in sprints

Now comes the fun part. With the precision of a surgeon, we gently break down your project into phases and carefully organize the phases into sprints. The complexity of your project dictates the length of the sprints. Through this strategy, we create actionable steps that we can easily understand, analyze and discuss.

If you get here, it means serious business

We are sure that the person who first said “Time is money” also said “I want it done yesterday”and we totally agree. Time is probably the most important asset, and we value it accordingly. To go straight to the point, we have to come up with a product as early as possible so you can have an impact on the market. As soon as we have the project skeleton, we start spinning our wheels.

We’ll meet periodically for each sprint

Every day we discuss the initial development plan. We think about it, we breathe it, we live it, your baby is on good hands now. You can sit back and relax. For each sprint we have several meetings where we draw a more detailed plan and discuss each feature with you.

Time to say goodbye?

No way! After the product has been launched, we provide each client with a standard warranty of 1 year for bug fixing. If you would like additional maintenance or technical support, we are more than happy to discuss it separately.

And the big moment

Deadlines are dead serious to us, we always deliver on schedule. There are cases where the length of a sprint has been underestimated. Do not have a care in the world. The features that were not implemented are going into the backlog to be processed in parallel with upcoming sprints.

Are you interested?

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