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Because we never stop learning. We created Knolyx.

A learning tool specially designed for professional training companies and their students. This is Knolyx and its main objective as an eLearning platform is to optimize training sessions by providing them anytime, from anywhere, at a low price.

It may sound unrealistic, but it’s a very well thought system. This platform is a total game changer for the way trainings courses are delivered and learned. By reducing the efforts of the training companies, the costs for course attendants decrease considerably and the revenue for training companies increase by simply allowing more people to attend courses.

The power of choice was a huge inspiration in designing Knolyx, we wanted to make it as flexible as we could. Including two modules (online and offline), Knolyx is designed to give companies and individuals multiple choices of taking courses and sharing materials. We kept in mind that every person has its own learning pace, so we offered this learning freedom. With Knolyx, users can participate in live sessions, access online courses or just download the material for a traditional way of learning.

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