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Knolyx is a learning tool designed for professional training companies and their students. The main objective of this eLearning platform is to optimize training sessions by providing them at every hour, from anywhere, at a lower price.

It’s not a mistype, you’ve read it right and Knolyx makes it possible. This platform modernizes the way in which training courses are taught and learned. By doing so, it lowers the costs for course attendants, because it reduces the efforts of the training companies and it increases their revenue by simply allowing more people to attend courses.

Knolyx includes two modules: online and offline. These modules were designed in order to give companies and individuals multiple choices of taking courses and sharing materials. Through our platform, courses providers and attendants have the option and the freedom of learning at their own pace, either by participating in live sessions, accessing online sessions or just downloading the materials for a traditional way of learning.

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