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Continuous Innovation and Process Improvement



Executives and other business leaders must be constantly on the lookout for new ways of doing business, improving processes, innovating products and services, and creating novel organizational solutions. This is required in an increasingly competitive business environment.


Develop an appreciation of the need for continuous improvement and innovation
Develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes to plan, organize, conduct, control, and evaluate planned, deliberate change based on continuous process and product improvements
Develop the skills to search for changes in the external and internal business environments with a view to finding opportunities for performance improvement or innovation
Understand and apply the full process of continuous improvement and innovation
Develop an appreciation of the need for leadership, focus, and constant learning, experimentation, trial and error, and adjustment


People with an open-minded mindset who welcome uncertainty and want to stay up to date with the global business environment






Introduction to Continuous Innovation and Process Improvement
How change and learning occur
The competitive and strategic advantages of continuous improvement and innovation
Problem-solving vs. performance-improvement vs. innovation
Innovation and creativity
Sources of change in the external and internal environments
Deming continuous improvement cycle: Plan, Do, Check, Act
The Plan stage: Problem analysis and targeted improvement and innovation
Approaches to problem identification and analysis: problem space definition, root-cause analysis, problem tree analysis
Incremental vs. radical change
Value chain analysis and process mapping
Opportunity search and idea generation for innovation
Brainstorming and idea mapping
Lateral thinking and creativity
The Do stage: Developing and implementing changes and improvements
Goal setting and prioritization
Deliberate vs. experimental approaches
Formalizing trial and error methods for continuous improvement and innovation
Planning for implementation
Organizing for implementation
Test phases and pilot projects
The Check stage: Evaluating initiatives and deciding on project continuation
Progress review structures and processes
Description and reporting of results
After-action review and lessons learned processes
Performance metrics and measurement
Evaluating and comparing results
Maintaining focus on objectives and outcomes
The Act stage: Reacting, adjusting, and standardization
Go/no go and resource decisions
Dealing with the unexpected and obstacles
Dealing with extreme failure or success
Standardization and full-scale rollout of improvements and innovations
Setting the example and leading the charge
Motivation and morale in a world of constant and never-ending change


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