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Training ideas that might inspire you today

Ana Nastase
8 Jul, 2022
3 m read

Is planning a training program challenging?

Yes, it is. But your employee training programs are as engaging as you let them be. We’ve all taken part in training programs that we do not remember anything about, except for being really boring and time consuming. We’ve also taken part in high school classes that were so static that we knew we were there just because we had to. But as high school classes were a mandatory part of our formal education, corporate training programs are a must in any talent management strategy. 

The actual challenge with employee training is that even if new ways to deliver information keep appearing, some companies insist on struggling with the old, traditional and passive learning methods. So, here are some ideas to help you gain a new perspective upon mandatory training programs. 

Training ideas to be tested

  1. Match your high performers with newly hires 

As we all know, being the new employee in a company might be really confusing, having to deal with a lot of new information, to adapt to the new organizational structure and culture and to understand your role within the company. However, having a mentor as your learning buddy might make the onboarding process way easier and less stressful. Moreover, among the benefits of a mentoring program, there are a few that stand out: knowledge transfer, role clarity, becoming familiar with organizational culture, and developing social connections. (source)

  1. Make the most of technology 

The evolution of technology is a reality, and we should all make the most of it in every area of our lives. When it comes to delivering training programs, the technology has brought so many advantages in the form on learning management systems, where you can upload as many training resources as you want, in different formats, giving your employees preferential access to them based on some business rules that you set up, having access to in-depth analytics that make the training management easier and so on. 

There are a few training companies that offer the possibility of online courses in various business fields, making it easier for you to deliver the same course, at the same time, for employees spread in teams all over the country or the continent, fostering budget cuts. 

  1. Use stories in your training programs

According to Michael Arnold, coach and trainer at The John Maxwell Team, “If you can relate the stories to actual situations and problems the people see in their daily jobs, it will help them to better understand and use the training tools. I always use stories in all of my training and have worked to improve my storytelling to further improve my training.” 

Most of us usually remember a good story far longer than other training programs that we have attended, so why not make storytelling a part of the course itself? 

  1. Be aware of different learning styles

As Richard Pummell, Human Resources Lead at Develop Intelligence said, “now more than ever, it's critical to understand the best learning methods for your workforce prior to rolling out any program. Each generation has a preference, whether it be hands-on, online, or self-directed on both topic and timing.” When organizing a training program, L&D professionals should keep in mind that people learn in different ways and when they feel this is taken into consideration when planning a course, they are more likely to actively participate. 

  1. Come up with fun training topics

Once in a while, it is a good idea to take a break from the mandatory training topics specific to each organization, and to encourage employees to explore topics that are more familiar to them in their daily life. You can ask your employees about what would be of interest to them, but if you want some inspirational ideas from us, we’d pick topics such as work-life balance, teamwork and collaboration, unlocking innate creativity & change management. 

So, there are ways to innovate and to make the training programs more engaging and appealing to employees, if you are ready to try them. If you have your own ideas or tips & tricks on how to turn boring courses into interactive learning, drop us a line. 

Some (final) thoughts

If you were to enrol in one course, what would it be? :)

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