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Soft skills that you might be underestimating

Ana Nastase
29 Jul, 2022
3 m read

What comes to your mind when you think about the concept of soft skills? It might be critical thinking or time management, professional writing or digital literacy, leadership or career management. In contrast to hard skills, soft skills are specific to all professions and can make our work easier no matter the area in which we are performing. Moreover, the area in which we are working might change any day, as “chances are high that 10 years from now you won’t be in the same job, or perhaps even the same industry, you’re in currently”, according to a LinkedIn article

However, changing industries and jobs means that you need to learn new skills, but you do not have to restart from square one, as your transferable skills, meaning your soft skills, will prove to be valuable assets in changing professional areas, not to mention the huge role they play in your personal life too. 

Innate soft skills that you should relearn 

There are soft skills that you learn on the go, and there are soft skills that you are born with, but you most probably forget about on the go. Such as curiosity. We used to make the most of it with every why in our early ages, but we underrate it in our adulthood, even if we should not. Used strategically, curiosity can be an eye opener for challenging situations, making us come up with creative solutions that may be missed in the absence of it. As Becki Saltzman said, “Only curiosity inspires the questions that generate the answers we don't yet have access to. Without curiosity, new answers will cease to exist."

Another valuable soft skill would be that of productivity, but not in the sense of having everything done by the end of the day, but rather in the sense of how to manage your energy in prioritizing tasks, and how to build better life habits to improve the quality of your life and work. Mike Vardy, productivity strategist, once stated the importance of productivity as a soft skill, seeing it as a relationship between intention and attention: 

When that relationship between intention and attention is healthy, you are more capable of staving off overwhelm, dealing with uncertainty, and getting more of the right things done every single day.

Soft skills that you can learn right now

  1. Emotional intelligence in leadership pinnacle

Mastering emotional intelligence might be challenging anyway, especially when you have to be the leader, to come up with strategies and plans for an entire team, to manage difficult situations in a professional manner. The eContent course focuses on topics such as managing the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills in emotional intelligence, applying emotional intelligence in the process of giving and receiving feedback, and using it in the decision making process of handling possible crises. 

  1. Business writing skills

Either you are writing an email or a report, you have to master a lot of aspects when it comes to business communication, such as knowing your audience and adapting the message based on it, being concise and clear, but without losing the purpose of the message, conveying accurate information, and so on. 

This eContent course is aimed at developing all these skills, with a focus on recognizing and implementing the qualities associated with effective business writing, composing effective and persuasive messages, and thinking critically about rhetorical choices. 

  1. Problem solving skills

The problem solving skills course is aimed at combating something that it’s in our nature, to say no when a challenge comes up. This module is designed in such a way as to empower professionals to say yes to challenges and to turn them into opportunities. 

Our sincere recommendation? Do not underestimate the importance of soft skills in both your professional and personal life, you’d be amazed at how many situations they can get you through. 

Some (final) thoughts

If you need to develop other soft skills that are relevant to your workforce and you cannot find what you need on the website, just book a demo and we’ll find a solution together.

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