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Soft skills that you might be underestimating (2)

Ana Nastase
3 Aug, 2022
3 m read

Soft skills: an overview

We’ve been talking about the importance of soft skills a lot lately, highlighting their impact on the professional journey, covering abilities such as effective communication, digital literacy, leadership management and so on. In the study Executive Perceptions of the Top 10 Soft Skills Needed in Today’s Workplace, published in the Business Communication Quarterly, the concept of soft skills is discussed at large, highlighting its importance among the current workforce, from an executive perspective. 

Soft skills have more to do with who we are than what we know. As such, soft skills encompass the character traits that decide how well one interacts with others, and are usually a definite part of one’s personality. Whereas hard skills can be learned and perfected over time, soft skills are more difficult to acquire and change.

The authors of this study refer to soft skills as employability skills that are transferable in a variety of professions, as it follows: 

  • Basic/fundamental skills: technical, knowledge of task, hands-on ability
  • Conceptual/thinking skills: planning, collecting and organizing information, problem-solving
  • Business skills: innovation and enterprise
  • Community skills: civic and citizenship knowledge
  • People-related skills: interpersonal qualities, such as communication and teamwork
  • Personal skills: attributes such as being responsible, resourceful, and self-confident

As hard skills can be taught, so can soft skills, and organizations should focus on enhancing them among employees, especially in a business environment where they want employees who can communicate effectively, know how to work in a team, have a positive attitude, are upright and responsible. 

A few recommendations 

Working in the training industry for so many years, we know that soft skills are a must, complementing hard skills in effectively performing in the workplace, but we also know that people have so many tasks to do, usually working under time pressure, that they would skip a traditional classroom training focused on the soft skills. That’s why we offer the possibility of courses in the format of eContent, which are not time-consuming, are engaging and a real help when it comes to fostering certain soft skills. 

  1. Leadership Excellence in Handling Pressure and Stress

This training covers a variety of topics such as holistic response to stress, turning stressful challenges into opportunities, assertive communication during stressful times, Recognizing the symptoms of short term and long term effects of stress and many more, and it is addressed to real leaders who aim at knowing how to lead others in times of pressure, stress and crisis. By applying these leadership skills to the tasks and challenges you face in your work, you will begin to experience breakthroughs you never thought possible. 

  1. Goal setting, Planning and Decision Making

We all struggle with the decision making process from time to time, don’t we? Especially when we have to make decisions in stressful situations, and even more when these decisions affect other people around us. The objectives of this eContent course are to use basic planning process tools to plan work strategy, understand how to delegate effectively to achieve goals and build your team and develop positive interpersonal techniques for better team relationships. 

  1. Advanced Teamwork and Cooperation Skills

Teamwork is one of the most valuable soft skills, impacting the way in which certain tasks are performed and the dynamics of the working environment. The way in which a team works and cooperates depends on a variety of factors and it is always subject to change, such as the new reality of remote workforce imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This eContent covers topics such as collaboration vs competition, designing a team development program, monitoring progress and achievements, personal and team accountability, individual strengths and blinds spots and many more, addressing the needs of every professional who knows that collaboration is a key source of competitive advantage, fostering motivation and engagement. 

You can find more soft skills related eContent materials on the website, but if you are looking for something which is not there, just drop us a line and we’ll find a solution. 

Some (final) thoughts

Never underestimate the importance of soft skills among other abilities that you develop for your professional success.

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