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Online onboarding: how to increase its value

Ana Nastase
7 Apr, 2022
3 m read

Online onboarding: an overview

Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression, Cynthia Ozick said. And if you ask us, we think it’s true. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and this is exactly what (online) onboarding is: “the process of helping new hires adjust to social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly” (source). 

In other words, onboarding is the first encounter between a person and his/her new job. What could go wrong in the long run if this process fails? The numbers say that you might not have a long run, as an organisation, if the new hires find the online onboarding process unsatisfactory. 

  • “Almost 30% of job seekers have left a job within the first 90 days of starting” (source). 
  • “93% of employers agree a good onboarding experience is critical to influence a new hire's decision in staying with the organization” (source). 
  • “37% of employees didn't think their manager played a critical role in supporting their onboarding experience” (source). 
  • “22% of employees in their study said they’d definitely look for another job if they didn’t have a positive onboarding experience, and another 41% said they might look for a new job” (source). 
  • “Addressing development during onboarding increases satisfaction by 3.5x” (source). 
  • “12% of employees strongly agree that their organisation does a great job onboarding new employees” (source). 

Online onboarding steps

This is what statistics say when it comes to online onboarding. But as an organisation, we’re pretty sure you know for yourself how important it is to onboard employees in an efficient and engaging way, and as a HR professional, you’ve probably dealt with the challenge of managing the whole onboarding process in a way that benefits both the company and the new employee. 

We’ve always stated that online onboarding is a more efficient way to welcome new employees to the organization, but we also know that it needs extra attention in comparison to traditional onboarding programs, because you cannot notice body language, have a face to face interaction with the new hire, and be aware of the moments when questions needs to be asked or clarifications need to be made. 

However, eLearning platforms such as Knolyx can manage this process in an efficient way, creating an environment where questions can be asked and answered and the interactions are facilitated by means of communities of practice. What should you keep in mind when planning an online onboarding process?

  • The involvement of the team. The new hire should have a clear perspective on the company dynamics, and what better way to do this than to interact with people who work there day by day? Also, team involvement facilitates meaningful interactions and connections, “which is even more important when onboarding online, which can be an isolating experience”, according to Forbes. In an online onboarding process, you can create channels with the new hires and a few members from different departments and encourage interactions between them through various activities that you think of. 
  • Make learning accessible. We’ve all been through at least an onboarding process throughout our professional life, and we all know how hard it is to pay attention to all the information presented, from company culture, to team dynamics, policies, protocols to be followed, internal compliance protocols. That’s why an online onboarding is more efficient, because it gives the new hires the option of going through information at their own pace, making the process flexible and comfortable for the new employee. 
  • Create engaging experiences. This is where eContent comes in. You can deliver the information in the format of the usual PPTs or you can use the format of eContent that creates an engaging experience, where the new employee actually interacts with the dynamics of the company, and gets to know their place in the organization in an interactive way. 

Online onboarding: case study

We have delivered eContent materials to Urgent Cargus, one of the leading courier services in Romania, that found it really challenging to onboard so many employees periodically using the traditional onboarding process and to teach them information in an engaging way. So we’ve partnered up, and we delivered learning materials in the format of eContent, assuring an engaging delivery of information, for the following:

  • Induction - familiarize new employees with the Urgent Cargus organizational culture in an interactive & easy to follow manner
  • Efficient sales - an interactive module that introduces useful concepts for the sales professionals
  • Communication - teaching employees not how to talk, but how to transmit a message effectively, using engaging and dynamic content

The overall organisation has been positively impacted by this way of delivering learning materials, as the employee retention increased by 40% and the employee engagement increased by 50%. You can take a glance at the eContent build for them here

Some (final) thoughts

No matter how challenging the onboarding process might be, you cannot skip it, you can just make it more efficient, more engaging and interactive, to ensure employee retention and satisfaction. You can drop us a line if you’re interested in learning materials in the format of eContent, suitable for your organizational culture.

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