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Are you an Online Course Creator?

Adrian Sita
9 Oct, 2020
3 m read

Online courses creators are essential

With the advent of the internet and the improvement of our technology, it is now possible to learn just about everything you could want online. Specifically, skills that would require someone to learn by physically going to classes. Websites that offer these lessons depend on people like online course creators, to make their learning plans efficient, effective and simple.

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Tips & tricks for an online course creator

Online Course Creators:

An online course creator is in charge of putting together a learning course for use by a student. The course creator should be well versed in the topic of learning and understand the in’s and out’s of a particular skill. For example, a lead guitarist in a well known rock band would be a perfect course creator for a lesson on playing the guitar.

Having a reputable teacher or yourself having a great reputation about a particular subject, will help boost the quality of your course past the competition. It will also give important credence to the course you are creating. Rather than any old music teacher teaching guitar, a rockstar can create and post an online course, obviously attracting way more people.

Who Can Create An Online Course:

Anybody with a mastery of specific skill set can create an online course. All it takes is time, patience and wisdom. But the course creator still has other obligations, such as making sure to present the information in the most effective way possible or have demonstrations of a particular skill. The course creator cannot simply get up on a podium and lecture.

There has to be visual learning instruments such as whiteboards, videos and pictures to really get the learner involved. The teacher must also have a passion for what their teaching. Letting their passion for a particular subject show in a lesson, helps the students become more involved and actually want to learn.

Be Consistent and Considerate:

After the learner is involved and is learning. The online course creator must also be consistent in their method of teaching. Making large jumps from topic to topic can be difficult for a learner to grasp, so usually, small increments per lesson are preferred.

Course creators should also be aware that other teachers may adopt their lesson course. A course creator should be considerate to include tips for teachers to help instruct the lesson in the best possible way. Happy teachers, make eager learners.

But Be Careful:

Content course creators must also be careful to create a course, based on something that is popular in the culture today. If a course creator makes a series of lessons about playing a lute, they probably won’t be successful. On the other hand, a smart content creator creates a lesson course that reflects their skills that relate to a popular topic, such as learning how to rock climb. A good content creator is aware of the attitudes and trends of the present culture.

Marketing A Course:

Ok, so you created a course about a popular skill or subject. The course is great and it’s easy to understand. So now what? It’s not over yet, you have to market the thing now. While you are creating your course, write down ways your course may be better than another course made by another person.

Make sure when you try to sell the course, that you bring these notes up and highlight them. If consumers can see that they can get a better product than what’s around, trust me, they will buy it.

Maybe, you want to offer your course for free. Great, I would still market it though, because more people can learn valuable knowledge from the course, rather than not marketing the course at all.

Be Reliable, Make A Good Reputation:

Alright, alright I’m getting to the end. Going back to our scenario, if your program as an online course creator is excellent and is excellently marketed, you may become a trusted source on learning skills. People appreciate help and will reciprocate by telling their friends and family. This all means more people using your courses and the best reviews are coming in.

Some (final) thoughts

Online course creators are in an interesting position today. They have the tools to create a course with very little expense required and be able to reach an audience of billions. It is important that these course creators have what it takes to make a great course.

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