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Learning and Development Trends in 2021

Ana Nastase
21 Jan, 2021
2 m read

The context

Learning and development: what are the new trends in this field? There are news channels, social media platforms and interpersonal discussions which constantly remind all of us of the context: the covid pandemic hit us all last year and its effects have imposed a change in our behaviours at all levels, both professionally and personally. We have been forced to adapt the way we work, communicate and learn within a company.

Thus, in light of these accelerating changes, what can we expect to see from the learning & development departments in 2021?

learning and development trends

Learning and development trends

Thus, these changes are expected to lead to a series of learning and development trends that the learning officers should adapt to.

Reskilling in no time

The abrupt change to remote work has forced a new rhythm when it comes to upskilling and reskilling. Before this pandemic, the skill gaps could have been anticipated most of the time, based on factors such as the industry growth, business requirements and technological evolution, etc. Unfortunately or not, the pandemic has shown all of us that we can no longer afford the luxury of time and of planning things in advance.

Thus, knowledge must be delivered faster than ever to make sure that employees can adapt to the new circumstances in no time. So, as people are curious about the colour trends for the new year, we're curious about the business trends, and the word to describe them should be agility. As even Forbes mentioned here, "Agile learning methodologies that focus on speed, flexibility and collaboration are the future of L&D".

Adopting a learning culture

The training programs will no longer be perceived as corporate actions that take place every once in a while, but rather as a daily activity integrated in the day-to-day job requirements, with the focus on developing applicable skills whenever it's possible and from various learning resources. People are constantly looking for answers and the new way of delivering learning and development programs will keep that in mind while building a training strategy.

Training programs contributing to an increase in performance rates

Learning programs will be seen as directly related to the performance of an organization, instead of being only linked to the delivery of information and the development of certain skills. When a company becomes aware of the fact that training programs increase performance, while contributing to the achievement of the corporate goals, then the learning and development specialists change their approach towards delivering training, making it more engaging and interactive, which is exactly what the training field needs.

Some (final) thoughts

2020 has brought some significant changes in the learning and development field, which will continue to impact it during this year, making it more flexible and adapted to the changing requirements of the business environment. What are your thoughts on this?

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