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IT training: how to upskill your IT professionals

Ana Nastase
31 Aug, 2022
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IT training reality

If you work in the IT industry, whether you are an IT professional yourself or you are an HR manager overlooking a team of IT specialists, you probably know better than us how challenging it is to find the right training for the right people. More often than not, people in the IT industry know what IT training programs they need to attend and what technologies they need to learn in order to perform at their jobs and they focus primarily on that.

What are they missing when this happens? The big picture. When you focus only on the skills you need to learn for your current job, you leave behind all the skills you might want to learn for your overall career. And it’d be a pity to be left behind when the professional world is evolving, wouldn’t it? 

A bunch of reasons to invest in IT training

Starting with the most obvious reasons of them all, technology is constantly evolving. Everything gets digitalized now, everything happens in the online environment, the market for new apps is constantly growing and the IT professionals are at the center of it. And they need to be trained adequately, with IT training programs matching their specific needs, so that they know how to make the most of the latest technologies, increase the quality of their work, and their overall confidence in what they are doing. 

More than that, as we mentioned before, one’s career is greater than one’s job, and the learning decisions should be made in perspective, always taking into consideration that it’s more to one’s professional development than one’s current professional tasks. Vennard Wright, chief information officer at WSSC Water talked about the importance of an individual development plan for each individual, besides the common performance review:

“It helps them to own their career path and improve as a leader, as an employee, and as a person. For each individual, they set specific goals: go to certain conferences, write articles, read books, and get specific certifications — and that keeps skills up to date as well as improves engagement and retention.” (source)

There are many formats in which IT professionals can be trained, from well-known IT training programs to conferences and events, mentoring programs, and even meet-ups, gatherings where professionals from the same industry or sharing the same interests can meet to exchange their expertise and have brainstorming sessions.

When it comes to tech events, at a quick search on Google, we found out about the Tech Summit in Texas, the Java Forum which will be held online, The Global Software Architecture Summit in Barcelona and so many more. And we’re sure that if you’re searching, you’ll find something fitting your learning and development needs. 

A few IT training recommendations

It’s hard to make recommendations when the IT training market is so vast, that’s why we usually talk to the clients first to come up with the best training strategy starting from specific needs and learning outcomes. However, more often than not, people browse the Internet for training courses and if you happen to be the right person at the right time, you’ll end up reading this article and finding the exact course you needed. Or that’s what we hope. 🙂 

  1. DevOps Foundations

If you are a DevOps looking for a solid foundation for managing dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of servers using Chef, the operations management platform used by Facebook, Target, Nordstrom, and many other successful enterprises, this course is exactly what you need. You’ll learn how to manage a multi-node infrastructure, collect details about the system via Ohai, use Databags to create user accounts on servers, and many more. 

  1. Quality Assurance Fundamentals

With new technologies coming rapidly into a market that values quality, the work of a QA specialist is more important than ever. This IT training program is a great start in the quality assurance work, focusing on how to apply quality across different development, support, and application environments, how to implement software and process measurement, and many more. If you are a QA looking to make your job easier, then this might be the course you need. 

  1. Mobile Test Automation

Any software developers or software test professionals looking for a learning opportunity out there? We know that with the growing number of mobile OSs, browsers, and platform combinations, comprehensive mobile web application testing can be a nightmare.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that. The purpose of this IT training is to introduce ways to leverage the open source Selenium (IDE) with cloud services to test mobile web applications across multiple browsers and platforms. But you do not have to believe us, register for the class and find out for yourself.

Some (final) thoughts

Whether you attend a conference that matches your professional area of interest or you register to train focused on a technology you want to master, you make a valuable step towards your professional development.

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