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IT training: how to upskill your IT professionals (2)

Ana Nastase
6 Sep, 2022
3 m read

But first, why?

There are multiple articles on the Internet about how to upskill your IT professionals, how to make IT training more efficient, and how to offer more learning opportunities to your tech professionals. But, starting with the beginning, why should you pay so much attention to IT training?

We’ve done some research on the latest tech trends and market reports, and we’re ready to provide you with a quick overview and an answer to this why, starting from the 2022 Tech Trends report, provided by the Info Tech Research Group. 

They define the current business environment as the post-pademic pace of change, a workforce context that is highly subjected to change, with 33% of their respondents saying that they expect their organization to change a bit compared to how it was operating before the pandemic and 47% of the respondents anticipating a lot of change compared to previous years. And how do you effectively respond to change and find the resources and the knowledge to adapt accordingly? With the right IT training, we’d say. 

Moreover, according to the same tech report, the pandemic accelerated the speed of digital transformation, which means that IT must enable participation in the digital economy. Accordingly, consumer spending is titling more digital, with purchases on online platform projected to rise from 10% today to 33% by 2030. 

Another huge aspect of digital change is the fact that, according to the same report, among the factors which are likely to disrupt the business in the next 12 months, 56% of respondents chose cybersecurity incidents, which means that professionals from the IT industry are expected to know how to respond to these threats, and even better, how to anticipate them and act accordingly. This calls for an improved maturity, centered around a few abilities necessary to compete in the digital economy, such as capabilities to unlock digital power, date architecture skills, and security strategies abilities. 

The current business environment, highly digitalised and in demand for constant change, as pictured above, highly relies on IT professionals and their expertise, from keeping up with the digital requirements to providing valuable cyber security insights in the organization. You know what they say, nobody is born learned. Nobody can know how to perform every task, how to master every skill, how to have the right information at the right time, especially in these ever-changing times.

However, professionals from the IT department, along with professionals from any other department or industry, can and should have access to learning opportunities. We learn on the go, and that’s how we keep pace with the novelty. And luckily, there are many IT training programs available nowadays.

Top IT skills & IT training programs in 2022

According to this article, written based on the analysis of more than 7 million developer jobs, there are a few IT programming languages that are in high demand right now, calling for adequate IT training programs:

  1. JavaScript/TypeScript, a programming language which hasn’t stopped gaining popularity over the years. Moreover, as of 2022, 98% of websites use JavaScript on the client side for webpage behaviour, often incorporating third-party libraries. (source)
  2. Python, a programming language popular among managers, analysts and marketers, who use use Python to work with data in tables, databases, and even macros in Excel. (source)
  3. Java, which has been a popular programming language since its appearance in 1995, being an universal language for web and mobile application development, highly used for programmers all over the world. IT trainings focused on Java are available in different formats, starting from employees’ needs and the context in which they are using the programming language. 

Moreover, besised these well-known programming languages, among the top IT skills in demand in 2022, the HRforecast mentions the following: 

  1. Data Engineering, which includes collecting and organizing the data, combining different data formats collected from different sources and analyzing them, optimizing data storage and so on. 
  2. Data Vizualization, which is an essential part of data anlytics that enables organizations to critically evaluate information and present it in a manageable way, making this skill worth investing in. 
  3. UI/UX Design, which implies understanding the target audience and creating digital products that are meaningful for them, satisfying their needs, which is a difficult task to accomplish in such a diverse environment, calling for really skillful UI/UX designers. 

And, if you ask us, we have a few recommendations to make too, in terms of effective IT training programs, but we’ll stick with three in this article, as it follows: 

  1. Ethical Hacking in times of cybernetic attacks and digital threats, to be able to respond to the cybersecurity threats mentioned above. 
  2. Introduction to Modern JavaScript Development, which is a programming language highly used nowadays, as the article mentioned above shows. 
  3. Mobile Application Testing, a valuable IT training for software testers, technical support, business analysts and test managers

Some (final) thoughts

There’s never a bad timing investing in learning, but what about starting now, when the business environment goes digital and it’s in high demand of tech professionals?

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