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In-demand IT courses & skills that you should invest in

Ana Nastase
2 Jun, 2022
3 m read

IT Courses: business context

The world of technology and digitalisation is growing fast, which calls for a huge demand for up-to-date IT skills. Moreover, technology has a huge impact on almost every sector of the business world, which means that the learning & development efforts in the direction of the IT teams should be strategically planned to support the upskilling and reskilling requirements imposed by the constant technological evolution. That’s the reason why companies should invest in in-demand IT courses and skills, supporting the development of IT professionals. 

In-demand IT courses

  1. Ethical hacking

Did you know that there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds & that 300,000 new malware is created every day? (source) These are some of the worrisome hacking statistics that are inevitable, which requires a thorough focus on the cybersecurity skills that exist in an organization. 

That’s why IT courses such as Ethical Hacking should be taken, in order to introduce the basic technical concepts behind the various stages of a hacking attack, as well as some common tools used by hackers and security professionals. Among the topics discussed during this course, there are the following: understanding the importance of security in general, understanding Vulnerability Scanning, grasping the concepts of System Hacking & Sniffing, identifying malicious programs and so on. Moreover, the course is adapted to the level of participants and the topics can change based on the training needs and corporate objectives of a specific team. 

Among the IT courses that can be used to deal with the challenges of cybersecurity attacks there is the Security for Developers IT course, which includes an offensive component to give professionals a well-rounded understanding of code vulnerabilities, why developing an out-of-box thinking when it comes to security. 

  1. DevOps Test Integration

Software development, testing, and operations must evolve to meet iteration and release delivery goals while continuing to meet organizational quality objectives, which means that testers are in need of controlled testing environments, and this is where DevOps comes in place. 

“DevOps can provide on-demand disposable test environments that are delivered quickly, in a known state, with pre-populated test data and automated test fixture provisioning, to meet Agile Testing demands for multiple test environment configurations that model production.” (source) The course includes a variety of topics, such as learning how to create and configure virtual testing environments, customizing automated deployment scripts, deployment, configuration, test data population and so on. The course can be customized according to the needs of the target audience, which consists of software developers and software test professionals, as well as according to the strategy of the L&D teams. 

There are also other IT courses focusing on DevOps, such as DevOps Foundation course and Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions training. 

  1. Enterprise application development

Applications of all sorts are soaring in popularity, from eCommerce applications to social networking applications, calling for an increased demand for IT professionals who are able to develop applications for various purposes. The Enterprise Application Development with Java EE training prepares professionals for developing robust architectures for enterprise Java applications, covering topics such as architectural patterns, common practices for improving quality, deployment strategies for the user interface, etc. 

A more specific training recommended for the purpose of learning how to develop applications is the IBM MQ - Application Development course, which “covers IBM MQ application programming topics such as methods of putting and getting messages, identifying code that creates queue manager affinities, working with transactions, and uses of the publish/subscribe messaging style.” 

Studying the IT market demands, other in-demand IT skills and IT courses for 2022 are the following: AI Engineering, Blockchain, IT Architecture Strategies, Project Management & Cloud-Native.

No matter of the certain technology or learning and development approach that you want to choose for your IT teams, there should be a thorough training planning, taking into consideration various factors such as the level of the participants, the corporate training needs, the IT approach implemented in the organisation, the budget and so on.

Some (final) thoughts

If you are not sure what training is the most appropriate for your specific needs, our experts can offer consultancy is choosing the best solution, starting from what you want. You can drop us a line or book a call and we're eager to contribute to your training strategy.

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