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HR in 2022: what will the journey look like this year?

Ana Nastase
4 Mar, 2022
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HR in the last two years, an overview

Back in 2020, the Covid-pandemic hit us hard, the workplace reality as we used to know it has changed and every organization had to adapt to the new conditions. Thus, the past two years have been a rollercoaster for you, the human resources professionals, who “have been tasked with leading the organizations through a once-in-a-generation pandemic, designing and modifying (and modifying again) return-to-workplace plans, creating new “people ops in the cloud” remote models of working, and more” (source). However, your work doesn’t stop here, the challenges just take another shape. 

According to this 2022 workplace report, there are some visible differences between the main concern of companies back in 2021, compared to the main focus for 2022, as it follows: 

In 2021, nearly 1-3 respondents said “productivity and alignment” was a top challenge whereas in 2022, the top 3 challenges focus on how employees feel about their workplace

2021 was characterized by a sudden, widespread shift to remote work whereas 2022 shows that the future of work is clearly hybrid

Moreover, according to the 2022 Annual Workplace Predictions forecasted by the Workforce Institute at UKG, “the workplace in 2022 will look like this: one with higher employee expectations; yet plagued in part by increasing employee apathy; more managerial training & mentorship programmes available; a steeper compliance curve” (source).

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Training programs in 2022

According to the same article mentioned above, an UKG analyst explained that the HR focus in a post-pandemic 2022 should be on retaining employees, “resulting in more comprehensive, and applicable training programmes to better educate, and empower people managers”. But the training and development endeavors of the human resources professionals are not focused on managers only, but they extend to the entire workforce, especially to the new hires.

And they must extend to you too, HR professionals, because you must be “must proactively be up-to-date with the ever-changing compliance rules in remote work, minimum wage, family leave, vaccination mandates, workers’ rights, data protection, and AI usage, according to UKG's report” (source). With all this going on, training should not be omitted or put aside, and adaptive learning should be implemented to make sure that there’s always a quick and effective response to such changes. 

Recommended training programs

We have done some research on the HR skills that must be developed or fostered in 2022, and it led us to the following conclusions: 

  • Employees have had to overcome many challenges during the past two years, and it is the role of HR professionals to lead them through these changes, which calls for soft skills training programs
  • The onboarding focused learning programs are also a must, as with all these shifts in organizational culture, onboarding new hires will have to be more strategic.
  • Training programs focused on DEI Policies (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) are also recommended, as “data does show that inclusive companies and employers are 120% more likely to hit financial goals than those that aren't” (source). 

Top conferences to attend

We’ve also done some research on the conferences that you can attend this year, centered around your field of work: 

  • Employee Engagement Summit 2022, “covering all aspects of employee engagement, but there’ll be a strong focus on how to maintain culture, engagement and wellbeing in a hybrid workplace”.
  • The 29th Human Resources Summit, “an exclusive gathering of senior HR decision-makers dedicated to finding the best approach to achieving the HR business goals”.
  • International Reinventing HR Summit, “designed for senior Inhouse HRs and Employee Engagement Professionals wishing to find time to reflect and refresh their practice”

Thus, the more challenging the work, the more opportunities of learning and development, helping the human resources community to be able to adapt to the new business requirements.

Some (final) thoughts

We always try to stay up to date to what happens in the business environment, no matter of the professional field, and we have gathered some insights into training programs, covering specific skills, that can come in help during the day to day professional tasks.

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