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What are the employee training expectations?

Ana Nastase
19 Oct, 2021
2 m read

Employee training: what you need to know

When it comes to a training process, there are some things that are often involved, such as a L&D team, a training plan, a list with objectives and a target audience. But most of the time, one thing is overlooked: the trainees’ expectations from a specific learning program. So we’ve come up with a list of expectations we’ve come upon during the training programs we’ve delivered, based on feedback. 

Can we access the training platform anytime, on any device?

The modern learner wants to have access to employee training resources anytime and anywhere, on any device and no matter where they are. That’s why companies should invest in eLearning platforms that make learning accessibility a priority, adjusting the content based on the device. 

Ask your employees what is the device they use more often, what's the format that makes learning easier for them, what they find engaging, and start the employee training plan from there.

Will I have the opportunity to work with my colleagues?

Social learning is an essential part of employee training, especially in a pandemic world where people lack the social aspect of working, which was a constant before this pandemic. Companies should integrate social learning activities into the learning and development programs, which can be easily accomplished by means of eLearning platforms that offer social learning tools, such as communities of practice. People are used to Whatsapp and Messenger groups, so why not use this feature in the learning community?

Will the company provide ongoing support?

Assigning employees online training courses is not enough to make sure they gain the knowledge and skills the company expects from them. You need to provide them with ongoing support, such as one-on-one coaching sessions, tutorials, learning resources in the format of microlearning, and access to constant information. 

Will the training tie into real-world applications?

Employees do not want knowledge for the sake of gaining it. They have a lot of tasks and a lot of responsibilities to focus on, so they need a purpose to make time to engage in the training program. So what would the purpose be? Gaining the methods to turn knowledge into practical skills, that can make the daily tasks easier. Teach theory and then create a real context to apply it, similar to the one which exists at their job, but with the comfort of safely testing the information in this environment. That's how you turn the employee training into an activity that they find valuable.

Some (final) thoughts

Employee training is essential, especially in a world where new requirement appear all the time and the business context changes when you don't expect. The pandemic has shown us that we need to be ready to adapt all the time and knowledge is the only one that can help us with this.

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