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6 Ways to Invest in Employee Training and Improve Retention

Kat Sarmiento
16 Mar, 2022
3 m read

Employee training: what happens in its absence?

Employers who do not invest in learning will suffer the consequences—in terms of performance, engagement, and retention. Most employees would stay longer at a company that invested in their professional growth. Development is no longer an optional bonus or privilege reserved for specific roles. Today's talent expects learning and career opportunities. It shows that the company cares about its employees and is invested in their long-term success.

Furthermore, you want employees who value employee training programs since it indicates they are continually looking for ways to improve themselves and gain new skills in this fast-paced world. Investing in employee training and development is worthwhile if you want to recruit and retain the best employees.

Tips & tricks

1. Set up new hires for success with a comprehensive onboarding program 

Implement employee retention strategies the moment your recruit signs the employment contract. New employees settle in faster with a comprehensive onboarding program that provides them with all of the tools they need to succeed.

Your onboarding process should teach new hires not only about their job duties but also about the company culture and values, as well as how they may contribute to and thrive within it. This is a crucial first step that should not be overlooked. The employee training and support you provide from the start, whether in person or online, can set the tone for the rest of the employee's tenure with you.

2. Develop soft skills to improve customer and employee experience

When it comes to overall talent development, many business leaders prioritize soft skills over hard skills, especially in customer service. Soft skills training is critical, particularly for individuals who are new to the profession and may not know or understand the more subtle skills required by the industry.

For organizations to successfully train employees to improve customer health scores, companies must first invest in developing skills to enhance the customer experience. These include active listening, clear communication, assertiveness, positive attitude, empathy, and conflict resolution.

Equip and empower your employees to provide excellent customer service. In addition, employees who regularly deal with happy customers are more likely to enjoy their work and stay longer with the company. 

3. Invest in leadership employee training

Employee management can make or break company success and the employee experience. Are your managers positive, empathetic, and supportive—or do they practice negative management techniques? 

Leadership skills employee training is a fantastic approach for managers at all levels to strengthen their competencies, motivate their teams, and achieve business goals.

Successful leaders transform organizations, foster an inclusive and supportive work environment, and are committed to employee success. Leadership development programs enable managers and officers to communicate openly and positively, identify innovative ways to manage people, and motivate their workforce to deliver better results.

4. Create a culture of learning

A learning culture supports and encourages employees to constantly seek, share, and apply new knowledge and skills to improve individual and organizational performance. Establishing a learning-oriented culture offers numerous advantages for your business. It boosts staff morale and productivity, helps everyone keep pace with constant technological advances, and prepares the organization collectively for change.

Make learning an organizational priority, starting with HR initiatives that encourage employee growth to personalized learning plans and career coaching. Set aside time for employee training and development. Employees already have a lot on their plates, so make it easier for them by allocating time specifically for their professional growth, thus demonstrating how essential their development is to your company.

5. Reward learning by providing positive feedback

Incorporate positive feedback into your employee training and performance evaluations. While learning rewards employees with knowledge and experience, not everyone is motivated by self-improvement alone. Employees who aren't adequately encouraged will eventually become stagnant in their learning.

Positive feedback isn't a mere feel-good tactic for retaining employees—it's proven to work. For every corrective or constructive feedback that you give, find ways to offer more positive or growth-oriented comments.

Moreover, consider creating a non-competitive rewards system or incorporating positive reinforcement into your online employee training. With the option to level up or earn badges, gamification can help keep the positive feedback loop running and motivate your employees to learn.

6. Engage employees with cross-training

Cross-training is a terrific way to empower people through learning and development. It allows individuals to learn new abilities while also letting them feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone. It promotes teamwork and encourages employees to take on extra responsibilities or go above and beyond.

By participating in cross-training, employees can benefit from learning from their coworkers. When you invest in effective learning and development efforts that promote cross-training, you increase your chances of having a more efficient, productive workforce with fewer skills gaps. It can also expand employee skill sets and improve the company's overall performance.

Some (final) thoughts

A comprehensive employee retention program is critical for attracting and retaining top talent. By investing in an effective training program, you boost your employees' performance, morale, and job satisfaction, while also reducing employee turnover.

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