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eContent: the educational material you need nowadays

Ana Nastase
11 Jan, 2023
3 m read

eContent: an introduction

As the educational and business environments have shown us lately, education and the Internet are complementing each other, and a hybrid learning environment proves valuable in the process of learning. In this context, eContent is a valuable component, being part of the digital education and constructing the learning experience in a way that eases the acquiring of knowledge, focusing on interactive tools and starting from the cognitive processes that are the basis of our learning experience. 

“Instructional designers use sophisticated learning theorems to identify how people absorb and retain content. Then, content is transformed into an experience optimized for that audience. And their expertise can be valuable across a variety of projects”, Carey Wodehouse wrote, talking about the benefits of eContent. 

Why would you need eContent to deliver a learning experience?

Firstly, you can make a difference. Imagine you are the learner and you have to choose between learning from a PPT with tons of information in it or from an eContent material, where everything is well-structured, interactive and accessible anytime. eContent sounds better, doesn’t it? Your learners would probably say the same.

So, you should start with choosing your learning objectives and talk to your eContent provider about them, so that they can come up with the best plan to meet your objectives, while keeping in mind ways to strengthen the individualization of the learning process. The eContent material can be created from scratch or by transforming your existing content into a format that makes it easier for learners to absorb information, such as a video, an interactive course, some quizzes, simulations, eLearning courses, etc. 

eContent fosters accessibility, which is a must of nowadays learning programs, and it encourages modern learning techniques such as adaptive learning, micro-learning, providing information in bit-sized materials that can be easily digested, mobile learning, gamification and blended learning. However, “perhaps the most far-reaching instructional design trend is the shift from one-size-fits-all to personalized training and learning experience” (source). This contributes to turning trainees into active learners, increasing the levels of engagement.

Gentlab & eContent

We have been delivering eContent services for a while now, to clients from different industries. One of these clients is Adecco, a world leading provider of custom HR services, with over 31.000 employees and more than 5000 branches, in more than 60 countries. They are constantly searching for skilled professionals for their vacant roles, and they need to implement an efficient onboarding process to acclimate new hires or professionals who are transferred from one role to another and need to absorb new knowledge. 

We have understood their needs and we helped them deliver it in the format of eContent, integrating the pieces of information they needed such as the company’s history, the structure and the business model, while making the content interactive and engaging so that new employees can quickly understand their role within the new organization. 

Another industry we have been working with is the courier services, specifically Urgent Cargus, one of the leading courier services in Romania, a company that needed to provide its employees with proper training programs to make sure they are performant at their job. 

They needed eContent materials covering a variety of subjects, from induction (to familiarize the new employees with the organizational culture and everything they have to know about their new job) to efficient sales and communication, which is essential for an industry where you work with people on a daily basis. Starting from their needs, we delivered the eContent materials they needed, which led to a better employee retention for them, as well as a consistent decrease in the skill gaps.

Thus, what we are trying to highlight here is that delivering knowledge is essential, but it is also important to deliver it in an efficient manner, so that employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to do their job and to feel confident about it. 

Some (final) thoughts

If you want to give eContent a try and you have no idea where to start, drop us a line, we’re here to help.

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