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Cybersecurity awareness: why is it crucial?

Ana Nastase
18 Nov, 2021
2 m read

Businesses are always at danger when it comes to cyber threats and cybernetic attacks, and companies cannot afford to overlook the importance of proper cybersecurity training, to prevent human errors when it comes to digital security. According to studies, “almost 90% of the data breaches are caused by human errors, hence reinforcing the need for continuous employee education on cybersecurity” (source). 

cyber security

Cybersecurity: why would you make it a priority?

Thus, people can be considered a weakness when it comes to cyber threats, and that’s exactly why a company should teach its employees how to recognize, report or even eliminate a security threat in order to prevent them from being the most vulnerable link in the security chain. 

According to research, “one IBM study attributed 95% of all cyber security breaches to human slip-ups”, whereas another study shows that “78% of employees will click on a suspicious link, even when they recognise the risk”. This means that proper cybersecurity training will cut the risk of human error, while educating and keeping your employees aware of these digital threats equip them to quickly react to them and to become your first line of defence. 

Moreover, by having your security on point, you can maintain your customers’ trust. Why’s that? Because companies are reluctant to buy products or services from enterprises which are not credible when it comes to cybersecurity, and this just adds to the lost downtime and costly remediation. 

Security awareness topics

There are various training programs on the topics, aimed at preparing employees for possible cyber threats. A company should make cybersecurity training mandatory for every new employee, and they should cover a variety of topics, starting with the fundamentals. 

For example, the courses should list different types of cybersecurity threats, such as spams, phishing and social engineering, so that people know how to identify possible security breaches. Also, the basics of cybersecurity focus on the importance of password security.

Employees should understand that they must protect and secure their sensitive and valuable information, and to accomplish this they should also set powerful passwords. When all these are established, the training programs can cover more complex aspects, making the training on this topic a continuous process, not  a once-in-a-blue moon event. 

Best practices

One thing that you should do while delivering cybersecurity training programs is to create a sense of shared responsibility towards the topic, keeping the company safe from attacks determined by the human factor. Basically, you make people aware of the role they play in keeping the digital information safe from any cyber threats, by giving them the best tools and knowledge to recognize the threat.

Also, as mentioned above, you should make cybersecurity training a priority for every new employee. You can even make it a part of the onboarding process, because it's an area that should be covered from the very beginning to prevent possible errors. Make sure every employee is prepared to understand the importance of being safe in a digital environment and of keeping the information secure.

Some (final) thoughts

An organization's security can be easily crashed by a human error, and in this context the cybersecurity awareness is crucial to keep sensitive information safe. Invest in training programs that deliver the best practices and knowledge on the cybersecurity topics and keep information safe.

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