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Category: Employee Engagement

3 m read
22 Dec, 2022
The challenging part of learning: training mistakes to avoid
Planning a training is a challenging task and there are…
3 m read
27 Oct, 2022
An introduction to digital literacy & digital skills
Digital literacy focuses on the choice of a specific platform…
3 m read
31 Aug, 2022
IT training: how to upskill your IT professionals
IT training is essential in a world of ever-evolving technology.…
3 m read
2 Jun, 2022
In-demand IT courses & skills that you should invest in
The world of technology and digitalisation is growing fast, which…
3 m read
30 Mar, 2022
Quality assurance training: why is it SO important for your company?
Have you ever asked yourself why quality assurance is such…
3 m read
24 Mar, 2022
8 Reasons Why Training is Important in the Workplace
Training is vital because it allows employees to expand their…
3 m read
4 Mar, 2022
HR in 2022: what will the journey look like this year?
The past two years have been a rollercoaster for you,…
3 m read
18 Feb, 2022
HR teams: how to support employee growth
What comes to your mind when you think of the…
2 m read
11 Feb, 2022
Training vs coaching: what’s the major difference between these 2?
The terms training and coaching are usually used interchangeably, as…
2 m read
19 Oct, 2021
What are the employee training expectations?
How do you manage the employee training in such a…
3 m read
5 Oct, 2021
Enhance employee engagement with the right questions
How do you enhance employee engagement? How do you deliver…
3 m read
23 Sep, 2021
Essential training skills for your online learning programs
Mastering a certain topic is awesome, but if you do…
3 m read
13 Sep, 2021
Online training: 3 common mistakes
What are the most frequent mistakes when it comes to…
3 m read
2 Sep, 2021
How to fix the lack of knowledge retention after a training session
How do you ensure knowledge retention after a training program…
2 m read
22 Feb, 2021
Why do you need a training needs assessment?
You need a training needs assessment to make sure you're…
3 m read
3 Dec, 2020
How Learning Drives Organizational Culture Transformation
How can you use learning to drive organizational culture within…
3 m read
13 Nov, 2020
How Do You Get Employees Interested In Training Programs
Invest in training programs for their employees and make them…
3 m read
9 Nov, 2020
Common Mistakes In Learning and Development
Too much information? Not enough information? Not enough engagement? How…
3 m read
6 Oct, 2020
7 business certifications worth having in 2020
Get some business certifications this year to get closer to…
3 m read
6 Oct, 2020
10 challenges of being an IT professional
There are many challenges an IT professional face, but there…
3 m read
5 Oct, 2020
The 6 Most Important IT Skills For 2020
Improve your IT skills with training programs that keep up…
3 m read
6 Aug, 2020
How do you find the right learning path?
A learning path should be customized, adapted to your corporate…
3 m read
10 Jul, 2020
Training materials: tips and tricks
Training materials are essential for every learning programs and they…
3 m read
9 Jul, 2020
Workforce engagement: how to achieve it
Workforce engagement is a key factor for the professional growth…
3 m read
27 Apr, 2020
How Agile HR leaders create better Employee Engagement
HR leaders should know that Agile changes the working environment…
3 m read
4 Mar, 2020
Employee Experience(powerful) - 10x
Usually, business executives and HR departments function by themselves -…
3 m read
19 Dec, 2019
Effective training need analysis (2020)
After you've found your reasons and you know exactly why…
3 m read
26 Nov, 2019
Agile in Finance: 3x efficient move
The unknown technologies are completely changing the rhythm in which…
3 m read
2 Aug, 2019
3 reasons to organise efficient corporate training
Corporate training won't slow down this chaotic rhythm of the…
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