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Category: Agile

3 m read
9 Dec, 2022
Training trends to have in mind in 2023
Delivering a training program to your employees is great. A…
3 m read
11 Nov, 2022
Software development statistics & trends for 2023
The software development industry, as any other industry, is subjected…
3 m read
6 Sep, 2022
IT training: how to upskill your IT professionals (2)
There are multiple articles on the Internet about how to…
3 m read
26 Aug, 2022
Soft skills that you might be underestimating (3)
This is the third article in which we are talking…
4 m read
16 Aug, 2022
7 Challenges of Implementing Agile Methodology
You may have heard of Agile methodology. It is a…
3 m read
3 Aug, 2022
Soft skills that you might be underestimating (2)
Soft skills have more to do with who we are…
3 m read
18 Jul, 2022
The importance of Product Management within an organisation
What is Product Management? What's its importance within an organisation…
3 m read
8 Jul, 2022
Training ideas that might inspire you today
Is planning training programs challenging? Yes, it is. But you…
3 m read
1 Jul, 2022
Impacts of Agile Methodology On Your Business Development
Agile methodology breaks up traditionally lengthy delivery cycles a.k.a. the…
3 m read
24 Jun, 2022
Agile courses: where can you make the most of them?
The Agile way of work can positively impact various business…
3 m read
17 Jun, 2022
Training and Development: Effects on Employees’ Productivity
Employee training and development programs are a sure way to…
3 m read
15 Apr, 2022
Ethical hacking: why should you learn it?
Learning ethical hacking involves studying the mindset, tools and techniques…
3 m read
16 Mar, 2022
6 Ways to Invest in Employee Training and Improve Retention
You want employees who value employee training programs since it…
4 m read
25 Feb, 2022
Learning barriers: how can you overcome them effectively?
There are always ways to try to overcome learning barriers,…
3 m read
17 Jan, 2022
What does VUCA mean for your business?
VUCA represents a set of challenges that the organisation has…
2 m read
18 Nov, 2021
Cybersecurity awareness: why is it crucial?
Cybersecurity should be a priority for any company that knows…
3 m read
8 Nov, 2021
Why is a growth mindset SO important for the learning process?
A growth mindset can be a great source of motivation,…
3 m read
27 Aug, 2021
The role of soft skills in a post pandemic world
What soft skills to you need in order to be…
2 m read
21 Jan, 2021
Learning and Development Trends in 2021
The learning and development field has faced some changes in…
3 m read
7 Oct, 2020
How to switch from traditional training courses to eTraining courses.
eTraining courses are the key to maintain the professional activity…
3 m read
6 Aug, 2020
Why You Should Add Experiential Learning To Your Development Program
Use experiential learning in your training approach and get amazed…
3 m read
6 Aug, 2020
How do you implement an Agile learning culture?
What's an Agile learning culture and how do you implement…
3 m read
5 Aug, 2020
What teaching approach do you use?
Every trainer comes with a particular teaching approach. What's yours?
3 m read
3 Aug, 2020
Create a learning culture to boost the learning process
Create a learning culture within your organisation by providing your…
3 m read
10 Jul, 2020
Agile training: efficient learning
Agile training is a way to learn how to work…
3 m read
29 Jun, 2020
The Power of Agile Learning
What's agile learning and how can it become a part…
3 m read
17 Jan, 2020
Agile HR - new mindset for 2020
Agile mindset. Keep this word in mind. 2020 is here.…
3 m read
16 Oct, 2019
Agile HR teams - 3 big challenges
Agile HR teams: why are they better and how do…
3 m read
16 Oct, 2019
Agile HR - 3 big challenges in Team Performance
The team performance is important in every company and the…
2 m read
16 Oct, 2019
Agile teams in HR - 3 minimalist recruiting strategies
What's the difference between Agile teams in HR and regular…
2 m read
16 Oct, 2019
Agile Coaches in HR
Agile coaches "help train corporate teams on the agile methodology…
2 m read
16 Oct, 2019
Agile Learning in powerful HR teams (2020)
The learning and development field is full of challenges. Learn…
3 m read
2 Aug, 2019
Agile INVEST - 6 great user stories guidelines
Agile INVEST guidelines are a set of recommendations put together…
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