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7 business certifications worth having in 2020

Adrian Sita
6 Oct, 2020
3 m read

Business Certifications: Why should you get the

2020 is the year of pushing yourself professionally. With many people still working from home, furloughed, or losing their jobs, it's important more than ever to get some professional certifications on your CV.

Why get certified? They help you gain credibility, increase your marketability, and keep yourself current. They're a way to showcase your knowledge and skills in a measured way to either advance or change your career. Here are some of the top business certifications to have in 2020:

business certifications

Top business certifications

#1: AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS business certifications offered by Amazon, this is one of the most popular cloud computing certificates you can earn. It's widely used by all companies - big or small - so if you work for a company already using AWS or plan to join one in the future, this is the best certificate to have. It focuses on your ability to design and deploy scalable systems on AWS while keeping it cost-effective and safe and reliable.

#2: Certified Data Professional (CDP)

These business certifications is offered by the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP) and offers several learning paths. You can choose your business certifications from a variety of domains including business analytics, data analytics and design, data governance, data integration, data management, and various other options. It's offered at various levels from foundation to associate, mastery, principal, and executive management. This is a great certification to look into if you're working with computers and data in a professional setting or plan to move your career in that direction.

#3: Certified Scrum Master

Offered by the Scrum Alliance, this business certifications solidifies your knowledge of the Scrum Framework and your ability to apply it in the workplace. This is best suited to project managers, technical project managers, Scrum masters, project leads, and project developers. When you pass your certification, you also get access to a two-year membership with the Scrum Alliance which gives you access to local and online networking events.

#4: Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

This certificate is offered in several specializations including security, wireless, routing and switching, industrial, data centres, cyber operations, and more. The exam will cover network fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity and services, security fundamentals, and automation. To complete this certificate, you will need one year experience with Cisco products and services, basic knowledge of IP addressing and a strong understanding of network fundamentals.

#5: Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

Offered through the ISACA, this is a globally recognised certificate for IS audit control. It certifies your ability to report on compliance procedures, how well you can assess vulnerabilities, and your knowledge of every stage in the auditing process. To qualify for this certificate, you will need 5 years of experience in IS auditing, control, or security and must complete the entry-level exam. To advance your career in IS auditing or security and increase your pay, this would be the perfect certificate.

#6: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This is becoming one of the largest aspects of business these days. All major enterprises are using it in their businesses to become innovative and increase jobs across the tech sector. There are a variety of certifications in this field including masters programs, post-graduate certificates, and a machine learning certification course. The best option is to find the certificate that works for your skill level and budget as there is a variety on the market.

#7: Digital Marketing

Products only work if there's someone there to buy it. Businesses succeed when their products are marketed well. Digital marketing is key to any business's operations and makes it a great field to enter if you have a knack for digital mediums and some creativity. As with AI and Machine Learning, there are a variety of options out there to choose from whether you're already working in digital marketing or want to transition careers.

There are plenty of rapidly growing fields in 2020 from computer science, security, digital marketing, and data science. If this is the year to reboot and rethink your career, those are a few of the business certifications and fields that in-demand and specialised to break into.

Some (final) thoughts

Reskill yourself to stay relevant in your career and make sure you choose a field that makes you passionate.

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