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Back in 1903, the first controlled flying machine operated its first flight. Its name was Wright Flyer and it was the beginning of a new industry. Nobody would have imagined back then that this would lead to an international aviation industry, turning the sky into a floating roadway across countries. But even if that was probably the most difficult step, the aviation industry still has to deal with a lot of challenges, making aviation in itself a complicated and labyrinthine process. So what’s the problem?

Obtaining landing permits is a difficult task, and even if different countries have different regulations for obtaining landing permits for non-scheduled charter flights, the way to obtain them is the same for everyone: you need to send a request via AFTN, SITA or e-mail and to wait for approvals before getting the landing permits. So an industry defined by velocity is forced to be at a particular place and to use a particular device to be able to lend. Sounds complicated? It is. But if people were able to put flying machines into the sky almost 120 years ago, then we, along with our partners, would be able to solve this issue. How? With a platform called triple P (Permit Processing Platformed), designed to make the permit processing easier for everyone, with less resources and without wasting so much time. 

Triple P is a new channel of information exchange, built from scratch to change the habits that currently define the aviation industry and to make everyone’s life easier. The platform will change the approach when it comes to permit application, making the communication between operators and the Civil Aviation Authority easier. Now you can do it from any location worldwide!

We didn’t put the plane in the sky, but we plan to make flights more accessible. So, please welcome triple P, the Landing Permit Processing Platform!

Why 3P was created?

When operator is planning charter flight, important is to get all required permits and slots on time. Different countries have different requirements, what can be changed time to time. 

Any operator what submits particular permit request need to be sure that its request is fulfill requirements of particular country, permit request has been received by CAA and it is processed as per regulations. It also important to be sure, that all submitted information are secured and there is no violation of securing personal data of operator, its employs or passengers. When any permit request is send via SITA, AFTN or e-mail, in most cases there is no acknowledgement that request is submitted correctly, and all provided data are secured. 

3P gives possibility to submit all required information with initial request, to monitor permit approval process and to communicate with authorized person directly in case of any urgency or if any clarification is needed.


How 3P is working?

Each user can build up its own data base in platform of its particular aircrafts or customers, submit required documents in advance, monitor its validity and in case is any of them will be expired get notice to submitted updated one. 

Created data base of aircraft or customer gives possibility to speed up permit application submitting time and gives possibility automatically link documents according to aircraft tail number during submitting of landing permit request.

Why 3P be interesting for Civil Aviation Authorities?

3P give unlimited possibility to Civil Aviation Authority to make full systematization of all flights, operators, handling supplier, handling agents, aircraft documentation, to check any document validity in data base of submitted documentation and to monitor all process without additional efforts. 

3P can be used only by pre-registered users what give possibility to monitor who is actually submitting particular request and transparently have full information of all end users of platform users, there is no any possibility of submitting any request by non-authorized or by unidentified user or operator. 

Main feature of 3P is full automatisation of landing permit obtaining process, without need of printing any documents or manual interruption during process. Civil Aviation Authority priory defined all its users who are authorized to participate in landing permit approval process, any such user automatically getting notification of submitted new request and under scope of its responsibility approve or denies request. 

Once permit request getting all required approvals from CAA user’s platform will automatically generate landing permit number. 3P reduce permit obtaining process to minimum time and avoids any delays due to process what currently are performed manually.

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Handling agent

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Why 3P be interesting for Operators and/or Handling suppliers?

After registration in a platform operator or handling supplier can submit initial request to particular CAA to obtain landing permit. Request form what is given in platform is build up according to requirements of particular CAA and stage by stage permit applicant is providing all required information for landing permit. 

Once permit submitted applicant can be sure that submitted information and documents, meet particular country requirements and its request is processed. From the moment of submitting permit request until granting of landing permit applicant can see actual status of permit and at what stage it is pending.


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